PM Modi has brought in change in mindset and become most trusted, popular leader with his Seva Bhaav, says FM

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 27-05-2023 22:05 IST | Created: 27-05-2023 22:05 IST
PM Modi has brought in change in mindset and become most trusted, popular leader with his Seva Bhaav, says FM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought in change in the mindset and earned the trust and faith of the people of this country through his unflinching 'Seva Bhaav', Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday.

Participating in a national conclave to celebrate nine years of the Modi government, she said, compared to earlier governments when corruption was rampant, there is not even a whiff of corruption since 2014.

The government in the last 9 years has achieved many things in different areas and in each category it has improved its performance with every passing year, she said.

Beyond numbers, she said, ''there is something that I have to tell you. Mindset has changed. Those governing have changed their mindset. People who voted for such a government see the change in mindset even among our friends and families.''.

Mindset change comes when the government trusts people and when people trust the government in turn, she said, adding people have faith that Prime Minister Modi will never do anything wrong or anything against the country and he will always be energetic enough to serve the country.

''Compared with the earlier government where people had no more hope. We thought corruption was the only thing this country will be known for. People left doing business in this country. But today, there is a mindset change in India, that it is possible due to a government which will be responsive, which will relate to the people which will do things for people's good. And that's what Prime Minister Modi's leadership is,'' she said..

That is why, she said, even today compared to very many global leaders, he (Narendra Modi) is more popular in this country than their leaders in their respective countries.

This is not something which you can earn easily, she said, adding, people say this Prime Minister will never do wrong..

Citing some examples of change in mindset, she said it is evident from Padma Awards selection that has truly become people's awards which recognise unknown individuals for their brilliant selfless work.

Earlier, people who had some connection with people in power managed to get Padma awards while under PM Modi, there is a committee which identifies people doing brilliant selfless work and only such people have received it in the last 8-9 years. Talking about various reforms initiatives taken by the government, she said, the Prime Minister encouraged continuous reforms through removal of 1,500 archaic laws to ensure that such laws do not become an instrument to harass citizens and a tool for corruption.

This government not only brought robust legislation with all states on board, but also created a strong system of GST to provide ease of living to the common and business people, she said.

To provide an honourable exit to the Start-Ups, Sitharaman said the government introduced the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) whereby young people can start a business and in case of failure, also close it honourably.

Citing the examples of evacuation of students stuck in Ukraine, Yemen and Sudan, Sitharaman said that this Government is changing the perceptions of people outside India, manifested in a committed and dedicated Government, which puts India's interest first.

"This shows that the Prime Minister takes every citizen seriously; every citizen is heard and every citizen is responded to," she added.

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